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Celebrate our first year with us! Popping up 8/6 - follow us on IG for all the details!


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  1. Poppy & Pout Lip Balm
  2. You are Made for This Book
  3. Peace & Quiet Mom Set
  4. Hair Wrap & Steamer Duo
  5. Clean Hands, Full Hearts Wipes Set
  6. Candle & Matches Duo
  7. Candle & Bath Bomb Duo
  8. Stars & Stripes Pouch Bundle
  9. Pool Bundle
  10. Teacher Trio
  11. Lavender Duo
  12. Well Deserved Bundle
  13. Texas Stemless Wine Cup (14oz)
  14. Paradise Stemless Wine Cup (14oz)
  15. Prep Rally Travel Mug (22oz)
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  16. Personal Popcorn Popper & Amish Country Popcorn
  17. Deluxe Coffee Lovers Box - Drink Katy's Edition
  18. Ezra Small Boxy Cosmetic Pouch, Ivory
  19. Ezra Large Boxy Cosmetic Pouch, Ivory
  20. Sol Stars Zip Pouch, Sky
  21. Sol Zip Terry Pouch
  22. Honey & Beeswax Body Balm - Rosemary Lavender
  23. Original Spearmint Beeswax Salve
  24. Honey Straws


  • “You girls are amazing! Love those wooden bowls!”

    ~ Elise

  • “Thank you for getting the gifts together for our sweet girl's 18th - she will love them!”

    ~ Althea

  • “Thank you! THANK YOU for coming up with this business idea. You know people like me need it!”

    ~ Ashley

  • “Thanks for making gifting so easy!”

    ~ Cara

  • "You are making gift giving easy! I love it! I’m walking over now."