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Celebrate our first year with us! Popping up 8/6 - follow us on IG for all the details!


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  1. Summer Celebration Basket
  2. Fegg Unbreakable Glass Duo
  3. Texas Olive Oil Co & Salad Boxed Set
  4. Texas Olive Oil Co & Sharpening Stone Boxed Set
  5. Texas Olive Oil Co BBQ Boxed Set
  6. Texas Olive Oil Co Grilling Boxed Set
  7. Texas Olive Oil Co Vinegars
  8. Texas Olive Oil Co Oils
  9. Custom Candle
  10. Thanks for Giving Us a Hand!
  11. Personal Popcorn Popper & Amish Country Popcorn
  12. Double Walled Glass Coffee Mug
  13. Spicy Margarita Basket
  14. Royal Jelly Body Butter - Rosemary Lavender
  15. Original Spearmint Beeswax Salve
  16. Honey Straws
  17. Cozy Tea Box
  18. Chez Gagne Notepad
  19. Chez Gagne Notepad & Steamer
  20. Coffee Lovers Set
  21. Porter Ceramic Mug - 16 oz
  22. Cheeky Cocktail Napkins