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Food & Beverage

Foodies and cocktail lovers, this is for you! Peruse our robust offerings of delicious treats, spices and seasonings as well as mixers for your next get together.

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  1. Zia Pia Fantasia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic - 250ml
  2. Texas Olive Oil Co & Salad Boxed Set
  3. Texas Olive Oil Co & Sharpening Stone Boxed Set
  4. Texas Olive Oil Co BBQ Boxed Set
  5. Texas Olive Oil Co Grilling Boxed Set
  6. Texas Olive Oil Co Vinegars
  7. Texas Olive Oil Co Oils
  8. Raspberry Chipotle Jam
  9. Cranberry Pepper Jam
  10. Thanks for Giving Us a Hand!
  11. Deluxe Coffee Lovers Box - Drink Katy's Edition
  12. Hot Honey, 3 oz
  13. Maple Old Fashioned Mixer
  14. Double Walled Glass Coffee Mug
  15. Spicy Margarita Basket
  16. Sunday Morning Breakfast
  17. Cozy Tea Box
  18. Cup of Tea Set
  19. Coffee Lovers Set
  20. Cozy Refresh Simmer Pot
  21. Country Chicken Noodle Soup
  22. Big Heart Tea
  23. Big Heart Tea - Tea for Two
  24. Big Heart Tea - Cozy Night