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Celebrate our first year with us! Popping up 8/6 - follow us on IG for all the details!

For the Bride

Celebrate the her special day with these beautiful collections, each wrapped festively to present to the beautiful bride!

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  1. I Do Duo
  2. Stay Calm & Get Married, Steamer and Journal Bundle
  3. Sparkle & Shine, Shinery and Journal Bundle
  4. Deluxe Bride Box


  • “You girls are amazing! Love those wooden bowls!”

    ~ Elise

  • “Thank you for getting the gifts together for our sweet girl's 18th - she will love them!”

    ~ Althea

  • “Thank you! THANK YOU for coming up with this business idea. You know people like me need it!”

    ~ Ashley

  • “Thanks for making gifting so easy!”

    ~ Cara

  • "You are making gift giving easy! I love it! I’m walking over now."