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Celebrate our first year with us! Popping up 8/6 - follow us on IG for all the details!


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  1. Texas Olive Oil Co & Salad Boxed Set
  2. Texas Olive Oil Co & Sharpening Stone Boxed Set
  3. Texas Olive Oil Co BBQ Boxed Set
  4. Texas Olive Oil Co Grilling Boxed Set
  5. Texas Olive Oil Co Vinegars
  6. Texas Olive Oil Co Oils
  7. Sharpening Stone
  8. BBQ Care Kit
  9. Campfire Quandary
  10. Personal Popcorn Popper & Amish Country Popcorn
  11. Big Heart Tea - Cozy Night
  12. Bicycle puncture repair kit
  13. Small or Medium Blank Bamboo Cutting Boards
  14. Mango Wood Salad Servers
  15. Salad Hands, Bamboo Salad Serving Utensils
  16. 8" Two-Tone Bar Board, Small Bamboo Cutting Board
  17. Old Fashioned Bitters Cocktail Mixer - Orange Infused Cocktail Cubes
  18. HotSox Men's Bike Crew Socks
    Sold Out
  19. W&P Craft Spicy Margarita Cocktail Mixer Syrup 8oz
  20. Two Tone Cheeseboard & Raspberry Chipotle Jam
  21. 24 Hour Deodorant - Spiced Sandalwood 2.7 oz
  22. Mango Wood Salad Servers & Romancing Romaine Salad Dressing Mix
  23. Shave Soap - Bourban Cedar
  24. Natural Fragrance Cologne - Bourbon Cedar 2.7 Fl oz


  • “You girls are amazing! Love those wooden bowls!”

    ~ Elise

  • “Thank you for getting the gifts together for our sweet girl's 18th - she will love them!”

    ~ Althea

  • “Thank you! THANK YOU for coming up with this business idea. You know people like me need it!”

    ~ Ashley

  • “Thanks for making gifting so easy!”

    ~ Cara

  • "You are making gift giving easy! I love it! I’m walking over now."